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Welcome to webinARTs. If you are an artist who would like to sell more paintings and “earn more red dots”, then you have come to the right place. With the recent surge in art sales on the Internet, there is a huge opportunity for artists to sell their art online.

The only challenge for artists is to learn how to do this.

I created webinARTs to help artists learn EXACTLY how to sell their art online. For over two years, I've shared hundreds of art marketing ideas on my weekly “Artists Helping Artists” blogtalk radio show. However, a lot of our listeners need more help implementing all of these ideas. And artists from all over the world are seeking to learn and excel in marketing their art. WebinARTs are online courses featuring video demonstrations and step by step written instructions. They show you exactly how to create and improve your website, blog, Facebook pages, newsletter and more.

WebinARTs ... the easiest way for artists to learn how to sell more of their art on-line.

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You will learn how to create a website, blog, Facebook Profile and Fanpage and a newsletter. You will learn how to add buy now buttons to your site and blog. You will learn how to add links and analytics that will enable you to see exactly how many visitors you have to your site every day.  Sign up now for Marketing 101 or Marketing 102.

Nowhere else is there a place to go to learn step by step exactly how to gain control of marketing your art.

But what if you are already using these marketing tools?

You will learn with Leslie how to create jpeg files (pictures) that feature your artwork and can be used as links to all in the form of buttons and collages. Then you will learn how to add these to your website and blog. You will learn how to create an on-line demo/movie without using a video camera. You’ll learn how to create custom Buy Now buttons and how you can use QR codes to build your art business. Plus you will learn how to add a favicon to your website URL. And lots more!

The entire month of a webinARTs course costs only $179.00. 

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Here is one of the 76 videos included in the webinARTs Marketing 101course. Each class has three to four videos and there are 20 classes in the course.

This is one of the ten videos included in the classes about blogging. At this point in the class all of the students have already learned how to build their own art website. And everything shown is presented in more detail in future videos. Just click on the triangle on the bottom left side to view the video.